House Rules of the Agency

We kindly advise you to read the house rules in order to provide you a pleasant stay and to prevent any misunderstandings. By confirming the reservation and starting to use the accommodations, it is understood that you are familiar with it, agree with it and that you will fully adhere to. Failure to follow the house rules may result in cancellation of the reservation, and charging the full price of the accommodation regardless of the how short the stay might be. If the guest does not accept the house rules, he is obliged to leave the accommodation.

  1.  Upon arrival, please submit the identification documents (passport or identity card) of all guests to the Travel agency in order to register your stay. Upon arrival at the accommodation unit, please provide a copy of the application form to the host.
  2.  Accommodation expenses are paid upon arrival or at the latest the next day, in person at the agency, if the reservation does not state otherwise. Payment is exclusively in Kuna according to the price list for the current year displayed in the accommodation unit.
  3.  Upon arrival, you can enter the rented accommodation after 14:00 hour and on the day of departure you must leave the room until 10:00 am, unless otherwise agreed. Staying in the apartment after 10:00 am unconditionally means that you will have to pay for one more day without the possibility of further stay in the accommodation unit. If the guest arrives into the reserved accommodation after 20:00, he is obliged to call the agency and to previously announce the late arrival.
  4.  The owners will change the bed linen every 7 days, and towels every 3 days. The customer is responsible for the cleanliness of accommodation, and he is obliged to maintain it. The landlord is not required to clean and tidy up after the guests during their stay, nor take out the garbage. The host is not obliged to clean and tidy up the apartment. During the usage of the apartment the guests are obliged to maintain order and cleanliness of the accommodation themselves. Please take out the garbage from the apartment on a daily basis during the summer. Smoking is allowed in the common areas, but is not allowed in the rooms. Take into account the possible risk of fire.
  5.  The landlord has no right to enter the rented apartment of the guests’ or use their personal assets without notice or permission. The host reserves to enter the rented accommodation without notice and permission only in specific circumstances where this is necessary to prevent the occurrence of possible damage or danger and when justified suspicion of a gross violation of the house rules exists.
  6.  The owner is not responsible for the guest, but will do everything in his power to protect and warn the guest of possible dangers.
  7.  Pets are allowed in rented accommodation only with the permission of the owners. Bringing pets without prior announcement is not allowed, and the owners and the agency have the right to cancel the reservation if this happens.
  8.  It is not allowed to bring in easily inflammable and explosive substances and products with strong or unpleasant smell. It is not allowed to bring electric appliances into the apartment without the host’s permission. Consumption of electricity included in the price does not include uncommon additional appliances that use electricity. Therefore, we will additionally charge you for every appliance found in the apartment according to the difference in electricity consumption, whether the appliance was used or not. Please do not take out the things from the apartment (towels, linens, chairs, tables, blankets and umbrellas).
  9.  The noise is not desirable in the house, especially during the night rest from 23.00 to 8.00 am, so do not disturb the owner and neighbors, and other guests in the house. In addition to asking for the exemplary behavior of adults, please note take care of the behavior of children during their playtime – this especially refers to CREATING AIR DRAUGHT AND SHUTTING THE DOOR LOUDLY.
  10.  Please take care of the rented room or apartment, and turn off electric appliances and taps. In particular, do not leave the air conditioning while you are not in the apartment or use it with open windows and doors.
  11.  It is strictly forbidden to bring persons who are not users of accommodation to the rented accommodation without the explicit permission of the host. If any other unregistered or unannounced people are found during the guest’s stay, the host and agency have the right to cancel accommodation to the guest .In case you are absent more than 2 days, please inform the host.
  12.  Guests who intentionally or by accident cause damage to the property will have to reimburse the full amount of damage. On the day of departure, the guest is obliged to invite the host to check all rooms and house appliances so as to prove that they are not damaged. A lawsuit will be claimed against the guest for all the damages which were not reported upon departure.
  13.  Complaints will be considered only if reported during the stay. Subsequent complaints will not be considered. All disputes which cannot be resolved with the owner or agency in mutual agreement will be resolved through police intervention or in front of the court in Trogir.
  14.  The accommodation will be unconditionally refused to the guest who violates the house rules and disturbs the peace. In case of cancellation of accommodation by the host or agency due to the violation of rules, the guest will be charged the full amount of the reserved period, regardless of the shorter stay. If you decide to terminate your stay earlier, you must pay the entire reserved stay. House rules are drawn up according to custom and practice in the hospitality industry.

Thank you for trusting us with choosing your holiday! We wish you a pleasant stay!

Your Calista

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