Contract Calista agency – guest

Be sure to read the rules of bookings and accommodation. When checking in, we assume that you are familiar with them and agree to fully comply to them. This rule book regulates the rights and relations between the guest and the agency and serves as a relevant document in case of dispute.

Introductory note

These instructions and conditions of booking and other arrangements from the offer of the Travel agency Calista, OIB:49923872091 headquartered at: Josip Jelačić Square 19, Primošten ID CODE: HR-AB-22-15010007645 (hereinafter the agency) are an integral part of the Agreement or Voucher concluded between the Calista agency and the booking contractor (hereinafter: guest). When checking in, it is understood that the customer is fully aware of this agreement and will comply with it.

1. Booking accommodation

Booking accommodation offered by agencies Calista can be done via the website, personally at our office, phone, fax or other means of remote communication or with other authorized agents of the agency. By confirming the reservation through depositing an advance payment, signing the contract, voucher or application, or dictating the number of one’s credit card by way of remote communication, the client enters into a legal relationship with the agency Calista, and confirms that he is familiar with these General Terms and Conditions, and that he fully accepts them. In this way, everything stated in the General Terms and Conditions becomes legally binding both for the guest as well as for the Calista agency. The guest is required to submit all personal data which are needed for the booking.

2. Content of the offer

Agency Calista guarantees the authenticity of image files and data related to the characteristics of the accommodation we offer, as well as the credibility of prices and conditions under which they are offered. The agency is obliged to provide the guest with the accommodation in the booked accommodation units in the period reserved, except in the case of exceptional circumstances (war, riots, strikes, epidemics, sanitary problems, natural disasters, etc.).

3. Payments

To confirm the requested booking, the guest makes an advance payment varying from 10% to 100%, depending on the accommodation unit and the number of nights. The remaining amount, up to the total value of the package, is to be paid during the stay and not later than the day before leaving the accommodation at the agency Calista, in kuna, Euro or with credit / debit cards at the price list of the provider. Upon payment of the booking, the customer confirms that he is completely familiar with all the conditions under which a particular accommodation unit is offered. Upon the payment of the booking, the agreement becomes legally binding for both the client and the agency.

4. Price of accommodation, payment and changes in price

Prices published on the site vary from unit to unit, and are shown next to every accommodation unit. The prices include: daily rental of the units, attendant costs in the usual ratio of consumption (electricity, water, gas) and weekly change of bed linen and towels. All listed prices are for stays longer than three nights. If the stay is shorter than four nights prices are increased by 30%. The prices of accommodation are listed in Euros. Payment is done in our office, exclusively in Kuna, Euro or credit / debit cards. The Agency reserves the right to change the prices in case of price change by service providers. If the prices of units change after the guest made an inquiry and before the deposit payment, the agency is required to send a new bill immediately upon informing the customer about it, and with his consent, if the guest agrees to this. In cases of significant increase of the Euro against the dollar, the agency has the right to modify the prices of accommodation according to the new situation in the market. The agency can then no longer guarantee the price concluded for advance payment and confirmation of the booking. The rates listed in our offers and programs are based on the contract with the owner and our partners and do not necessarily match the rates stated on the spot in the house where the customer resides, and any difference in price cannot be subject to complaint.

5. Description of accommodation
  • Accommodation offered by the agency Calista is described according to the categorization of the local tourist office and the insight into the real state of the accommodation by Calista agency employees on the spot.
  • The service provider undertakes that each unit will be equipped with corresponding dishes and cutlery in accordance with the number of people it is booked for. Every guest should be welcomed with a clean and tidy accommodation unit and each guest will receive clean sheets. For guests staying longer than one week, the change of bed linen and towels will be arranged once a week.
  • On the day of departure, the guest is obliged to allow the overview of the accommodation to the service provider, and the accommodation unit should be as it was on the day of arrival. The guest is responsible for any damage to the devices or equipment that was given to him and which was caused because of inappropriate use of the mentioned equipment. Andy determination of possible damage must be witnessed by the customer. The guest is obliged to pay for the damages on the spot.
6. The right of the agency to change and cancel the booking
  • The agency can suggest changes of the booked accommodation or cancel the rented accommodation units entirely or partially if before or during the vacation unexpected circumstances that cannot be avoided occur. If they had occurred at the time of publishing and selling the program this would be a justified cause for the agency to not to offer the publication, and not to accept applications and confirmations of the accommodation units.
  • If the agency is able to offer the client an alternative, the change of booked accommodation can be done only with the approval of the customer. The alternative must be of the same or higher quality than the one booked. Any difference in price between the booked accommodation and the accepted alternative is paid by the agency.
  • The Agency is responsible to notify all the guests who confirmed their arrival by paying in advance about any changes in the booking or about the cancellation, immediately after the special circumstances occur. If the agency cannot find alternative accommodation it has to refund the amount that the guest paid in advance.
7. Guest’s right to change or cancel booking
  • If the customer wants to cancel the booking, he must do so in writing – by e-mail, fax or mail. The date when the agency received a written notice of cancellation is used to calculate cancellation costs as follows:
  • For cancellations up to 45 days before the arrival, the guest can ask for cancellation of reservation and refund. The paid money is given back to the customer at the expense of the recipient.
  • For cancellations 44-30 days before the arrival, on behalf of handling and administrative charges the agency charges 20% of the total price of rented accommodation, a minimum of 15 Euro at booking with the amount of less than 50 euros. The rest of the money is returned to the guest at the expense of the recipients if the booking is fully charged.
  • For cancellation 29-22 days before the arrival, the agency charges 30% of the total price of arrangement. The rest of the money is returned to the guest at the expense of the recipient.
  • For cancellations 21-15 days before the arrival, the agency charges 60% of the total price of arrangement. The rest of the money is returned to the guest at the expense of the recipient.
  • For cancellations made 7-0 days before the arrival, the agency charges 100% of the total price of arrangement.
  • If the guest does not arrive to the destination or cancels the arrangement upon arrival or after its beginning, the agency charges the entire amount of the arrangement.
  • If the actual costs are higher than previously estimated, the agency reserves the right to charge the difference. The abovementioned expenses of cancellation are especially applied to the changes of services in the booked accommodation unit but also to other major changes.
  • If the customer who cancels the rented accommodation due to cancellation finds a new client for the same booking, the agency does not charge any replacement costs.
  • For the case of the stay which is shorter than the one that was booked, the total cost of accommodation for the entire reserved period is billed.
  • Advance payment or payment of the entire stay for bookings less than 5 nights will not be refunded if the guest cancels his reservation less than 30 days prior to arrival. The deposit is a guarantee to you, the owner and the agency that has concluded a lease agreement, and shall be paid to the owner of the object as compensation.
  • If the cancellation occurs due to justified circumstances beyond the guest’s control, the agency will charge only the actual costs, but a confirmation of this event beyond the guest’s control must be presented to the agency.
8. Luggage and personal items

The agency is not responsible for the theft of luggage or valuables in the accommodation unit. Lost or stolen property is reported to the host and the local police department.

9. Travel insurance

Our prices do not include travel insurance for the risk of traveling and for the entire stay in the accommodation unit. We recommend you to arrange your travel insurance through your insurance company.

10. Obligations of the Calista agency

The agency shall ensure the services and select those service providers with sound business practices, with due care of a proper businessman and will protect the the rights and interests of the guest according to accepted practices in tourism. The Agency is responsible for ensuring that the client receives all the services, and is accountable to the traveler for any possible unfulfilled yet booked services or part of the service. The Agency will not be responsible in case of changes and default services caused by an event outside of our control.

11. The obligation of the guest

A guest has to:

  • have valid travel documents.
  • respect the customs and foreign exchange regulations of the destination country
  • comply with the house rules displayed in the accommodation unit and cooperate with service providers in good faithful
  • upon arrival at the accommodation unit or agency, submit identification documents for registration with the authorities. The documents will be returned to the guest within 12 hours.
  • provide a voucher with the correct number of persons and type of services to be provided upon arrival to the provider of these services (Voucher received by e-mail)
  • the customer is required to check whether he requires a visa for his entry into the country in which he will be staying as well as for the entry into neighboring countries
  • The guests are to arrive to the accommodation unit come after 14:00 pm on the day of the arrival, and are to departure and leaving the unit until 10.00 am on the departure day.
  • In order to protect the leased units, it is the Agency’s policy to take a deposit from the guest on the arrival day. This deposit will be returned to the guest on the day of departure if the accommodation is returned in good condition i.e. in which it was found upon the guest’s arrival.
  • bringing more guests than is specified in the voucher, bringing in guests who are not using the accommodation during their stay or in unannounced pets into the accommodation unit is not allowed. In this case, the agency will cancel the guest room and charge the total amount of the arrangement’s
  • during the stay, and no later than the day before leaving the accommodation unit, the guest is required pay the remaining cost in the agency Calista, if he has not done so already.
  • on the day of departure, the customer is required to allow an overview of the accommodation to the host. The accommodation should be as it was upon the day of arrival.
  • In cases of non-compliance with these obligations, the customer bears the responsibility for the possible costs and responsible for the damage done to the agency. The agency has the right to charge the costs incurred from amount paid in advance. By confirming the booking, the traveler agrees to pay the provider of the services for all damages in case he caused them.
12. Resolving complaints

Every guest – contractor has a right to complain if the contracted service was not provided. If the contracted services were incomplete or unsatisfactory, the customer may require compensation by filing a written complaint.

The procedure for making a complaint:

– If the guest is not satisfied with the condition he finds, he must inform the agency immediately upon the arrival of the reasons about the reasons of his dissatisfaction. In the case that the customer is unable to contact the agency, the guest can complain about inadequate services to the service provider. The guest is obliged to cooperate with the agency representative and the service provider in good faith to resolve the problem. If the customer refuses to accept the solution that corresponds to the reserved and paid services, the agency will not accept subsequent complaint and will not consider itself obliged to respond to it.

– If the guest is not satisfied with the condition, and leaves the building to find new accommodation on his own, provided that he does not provide the possibility for the agency to resolve the cause of his discontent or to possibly find another accommodation, the guest cannot request a refund or compensation for damages, notwithstanding the fact if his reasons were justified or not. If the valid complaint cannot be resolved, the agency is obliged to find alternative accommodation. The highest compensation can exceed the cost of services, and cannot include services already provided or the total amount. This excludes the guest’s right to the compensation of immaterial damage.

13. Protection of Personal Data

Privacy statement serves us for protection of privacy of our users. In case you decide to use some of our services, it is necessary to leave the requested personal information in order to complete your reservation and to lease the required service. Your personal information will remain protected to the maximum and will be used exclusively to process the requested service. We emphasize that we collect only those information that we need to complete our procedure of booking the services, and that in this process we are using only the information we receive from you. Calista travel agency can reveal personal information only in the event that it is required by law or court decision, and if there is a need to protect personal safety of our users or the public.

14. Court jurisdiction

The Traveler and the Agency will try to settle possible law suits in the application of the Agreement by a mutual agreement. If this cannot be applied, then the case will be brought to the competent court in Trogir and the applicable law will be Croatian law.

15. Note

By confirming the reservation and paying in advance, the guest entirely accepts the program and the conditions of providing accommodation in private capacities of physical persons.

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